Saturday, June 23, 2012

OOPS! Savanna accidentally post herself in MY mask instead of the crappy rip-off she sells!!

Oops!  Look who made a mistake!!  While promoting the masks she claims to have invented, smarty Savanna accidentally posted a photo of herself in the mask she purchased from ME in October 2011:

ThatsSewSavanna (facebook)

Here's a photo Savanna sent me of herself wearing MY mask (along with a big THANK YOU and no mention of the fact that she also invented this very thing, and is now selling it...hmm...wonder why?):

ThatsSewSavanna in a photo she sent after purchasing this mask from me in Oct 2011

And here's the crappy knock-off she sells:

ThatsSewSavanna (Luulla)

UGH!!!  No wonder she's using the photos of herself in MY mask!  Even when she's ripping off someone else's idea, her execution is HORRIBLE!!!!!!

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