Saturday, June 23, 2012

ThatsSewSavanna is a liar and a thief

Some people are uncreative, so they can't come up with any ideas of their own. If they're also disgusting human beings with no ethics, they steal ideas and try to profit off of them. As an independent designer, I work hard and use my creativity to come up with amazing products that people are excited to purchase. I've been selling my work on etsy since February 2011 with great success. Unfortunately one of my former customers is completely untalented and unethical, and has her own store on etsy called That's Sew Savanna. After purchasing a mask from me in October 2011, she started selling them online and in brick & mortar stores in Manitous Springs, Colorado in spring of 2012, claiming that SHE created these masks all on her own. Luckily I'm smart enough to know how to protect myself from blatant thievery, as I've had a patent pending on my designs long before ThatsSewSavanna ever purchased one from me. I'm currently spending A LOT of money bringing a lawsuit against this shop owner, but since she continues to pass my work off as hers in the meantime, I'd like to let people see proof of ThatsSewSavanna's lies.


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  1. unbelievable that this girl is so shameless! she should be so embarrassed that you put on her on blast for having no talent and no ethics! Too bad she doesn't make anything people want to steal, haha! LOSER!!!!


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